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Mark Hamill Uses Wheelchair To Dodge Autograph Hunters

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has said in a tweet that he had used a wheelchair to try to dodge autograph hunters at a New York airport.


After he was seen being wheeled through JFK airport sporting a hat and clutching a little dog, the 66-year-old star had been the subject of tabloid reports of ill health.


He said news websites had seized on the images as a show of his failing health, with headlines that he had been about his "deathbed."


He said the claims were a "complete fantasy," and accused of those demanding autographs of being touts who offered signed merchandise to real fans at inflated prices.


After a fan tweeted a photograph inquiring if he was alright and not sick, the actor then replied that he had used the "wheelchair trick" just to avoid dealers who "constantly harass me."



He said he'd arrived at the airport at 5 am and ran and dodged men awaiting 15 film posters in each hand.


"You think real fans are there at 5 am? No," he said.


"So at the last moment, my kid goes, 'Hey dad, enter the wheelchair, take the puppy, place Millie on your lap, then pull your hat down, let's see if we could get it done.'


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