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Kevin Federline is Abusing Child Support Money

Britney Spears' daddy, Jamie, is super mad at Kevin Federline, who telephoned him begging for more child care when, in reality, all he wants is to jump her forehead train.


Resources linked to Britney informed TMZ, last Friday K-Fed was known as Jamie and stated he had been in a financial bind and wished to speak about increasing his child support. TMZ broke the narrative K-Fed was yanking $20k per month for child support for decades, but he says it is insufficient.


We are told Jamie was suspicious and asked Kevin at which the20k was moving, but Kevin hedged.


Our sources state a week, Jamie obtained a letter from Kevin's attorney, asking him if they can sit down and speak. They did really have a conversation, and we are told the attorney clarified today that 12-year-old Sean and 11-year-old Jayden are becoming old, Kevin wanted over $20k.


We are told Jamie pressed, inquiring what the children needed they were not getting. We are told Kevin's attorney would not respond, however, said his client could look after both children at Britney's degree. Jamie fired back ... Britney's taking good care of the children how she always did -- nothing has changed.


Our sources state the attorney repeatedly spoke about Britney's recent successes -- especially her sold-out Vegas reveals -- stating she had been earning much more income. We are told Jamie kept pushing back, stating Britney's victory has nothing to do with all the requirements of their kids, along with his daughter was not accountable for caring for Kevin and his additional households.


Britney has paid Kevin a fortune in a variety of kinds of service in recent years. If they divorced in 2007, she cut a test for $1.3 million plus he also obtained spousal support for many years and proceeds to find child support.


We are told Kevin, and his attorney never called a figure rather than gave one illustration of the children's unmet needs.

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